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Automatic Bulk Bag Cleaning Machine
For producing FIBC for food grade should be neat and clean, ie. There should not be any loose threads or other foreign particles inside the bags and which is very difficult to clean manually. For this we offer automatic cleaning M/C by which we can clean the bags from top, from bottom and from top & bottom respectively.

Air is pre filtered and is blown through the bag so that all dust and foreign particles settled in the bag should come out of bag. After cleaning the dust and foreign particles like loose thread will be collected in the dust collection box, which can be easily taken out and the dust collection box is provided with micro filter so that dust should not come out of the dust collection box.

Machine is controlled by high-resolution microprocessor controller, which is user friendly by which you can set different operations.

Control Microprocessor
Motor Rating 12.5 HP 3 Phase AC
Blower Rating 12.5 HP
Pneumatic pr 10 Bar
Electrical Requirements 440 V, 3 ph, 50 Hz
Required Manpower 2 Worker
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Automatic Bulk Bag Cleaning Machine
Air is pre filtered and is blown through the bag so that all dust and foreign particles settled in the bag
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