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Bulk Bag Hydraulic Pallet & Bale Press
For economical and efficient storage or transportation, the finished bags should be pressed and packed properly.

Our hydraulic palletizing press is specially designed for packing on the pallets as well as in the form of bales. To prepare palletized bales, first a wooden pallet is placed on the base of the press. Then the bags are properly stacked on the pallet inside the empty cabin. Piston can be activated vertically by pressing a button. Maximum pressing capacity of our standard press is 100 tons. This power can be increased or decreased upon request. During the operation, when it reaches the maximum pressure, the piston automatically stops and locks itself. One man can operate the whole process. Plastic straps are recommended for binding the finished pallet. With the moveable side door, it makes it easily when pushing the pallets out. Ready pallets are discharged out of the cabin automatically with a discharge piston, without needing a forklift.

Pressing pressure 100 Tons (can be changed upon request)
Operating Pressure Max. 220 Bar
Cabin Dimensions  
Length 960 mm (can be changed upon request)
Width 1150 mm (can be changed upon request)
Height 2300 mm (can be changed upon request)
Stroke Length 1500 mm
Stroke Speed Pressing Max. 3 meter / minute (adjustable)
Oil Tank 100 lt.
Oil Type Hydraulic - Shell Tellus 68 or equivalent
Power Consumption  
Pump Motor 5.5 kW, 1440 rpm
Electrical Requirements 440V, 3ph, 50Hz
Required Manpower 1 worker
Space Required  
Length 380cm (L1:130cm + L2:130cm + L3:120cm)
Width 280cm (W1:90cm + W2:150cm + W3:40cm)
Height 410 cm
Pallet Piston Hydraulic
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